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To foster socially and spiritually healthy communities in depressed and disadvantaged communities.


Community Building and Social Services Initiatives

Just As I Am Ministries, Inc. is implementing with help from individual donors and corporate sponsors, the following Initiatives in minority communities ravaged by alcohol and drugs:

  1. Emergency housing, hot meals, transportation, clothing, financial aid, legal assistance, and training for needy individuals in economically depressed communities,
  2. Freely Receive, Freely Give” Food and Clothes Pantries      
    a. Healthy Nutritious food distributed to the poor and needy in the East Waco and the surrounding areas
    b. Free gently used or new Men, Women, and Children clothes to those in need


Personal Growth and Spiritual Development Initiatives

Just As I Am Ministries, Inc. Outreach Services Initiatives, implemented with help from individual donors and corporate sponsors, are designed to assist individuals in communities ravaged by alcoholism and drug addiction to overcome on a personal and spiritual level the ill-effects of substance use and abuse through the following:

  1. Bible Study
  2. Youth Ministry
  3. Spiritual Counseling - to promote positive self-images in the target population
  4. Peer Counseling incorporated in the Adult and children outreach programs for recovering alcoholics or substance abusers that includes personal advocacy and one-on-one Christian discipleship
  5. Home Study Group


To promote individual, family, and community restoration through economic, educational, and spiritual outreach services in disadvantaged and deprived communities.

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